Acoustic Consultant


Acoustic Consultant

Michael Shepherd

I joined Dragonfly Consulting in 2018 as an Acoustic Consultant and I also hold responsibility for organising surveys within the Dragonfly Consulting team.

I studied my Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Acoustics at Salford university and now have over three years experience working on a range of assessments and project types. I love my job as it takes me all over the United Kingdom, from working on wind turbine assessments in Orkney, to implementing noise management plans for outdoor festivals in Leicester.

Prior to working at Dragonfly Consulting I owned my own company within the hospitality sector. This has given me a unique insight into how the hospitality industry operates, which comes in useful when understanding a client’s project needs.

In my spare time I enjoy surfing, exploring the coastal areas of Scarborough where I live and looking after my 4 dogs.

If I wasn’t an acoustic consultant, I would probably buy a van and spend my time traveling and surfing.

I can be contacted in the office on 01904 898368, by mobile on 07704 074841 or via email at