When applying for planning permission for a residential development, it’s likely that a Noise Impact Assessment will be required to ensure noise from external sources is kept within suitable limits for noise-sensitive rooms. Such assessments are generally formed under the guidance within British Standard 8233:2014: Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings.

The introduction of the Professional Planning Guidance (ProPG) in 2017 provides advice for Local Planning Authorities, developers and their respective advisors and compliments government planning, noise policy and guidance. The document seeks to:

  • Advocate full consideration of the acoustic environment from the earliest possible stage of the development control process;
  • Encourage the process of good acoustic design in around new residential developments;
  • Outline what should be taken into account in deciding planning applications for new noise sensitive developments;
  • Improve understanding of how to determine the extent of potential noise impact and effect; and
  • Assist in the delivery of sustainable development.

Dragonfly Consulting is experienced in a systematic consideration of the key elements required within the ProPG for a residential development. This can include:

  • Undertaking an initial noise risk assessment of the proposed development site;
  • Liaising with the developers and architects to demonstrate a good acoustic design process;
  • Observing internal noise level guidelines contained within BS8233:2014 or other relevant standards;
  • Providing a suitable mitigation strategy to ensure that internal noise levels will meet the aforementioned guidelines;
  • Undertaking an assessment of the impact of noise on external amenity areas;
  • Consideration of any other relevant issues pertaining to noise around the site.
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