Lighting Design

In order to offer our clients Lighting Assessments and Consultancy Services; Dragonfly Consulting have formed partnerships with a small number of trusted sub-contractors.

We care about and seek to protect our environment, our heritage, the night skies, wildlife, habitat, health and people. Good lighting design enhances safety and improves security, it encourages movement, and encourages people to participate in outdoor working and sports activities. Good lighting design improves our opportunities giving us a higher quality standard of life.

Overuse of poorly considered lighting has rapidly become a global issue. By forming a partnership with LightPaD, our aim is the control of light pollution, daylight for health and enhancing our heritage through the productions of understandable lighting deliverables in support of the application and other technical discipline requirements.

By providing advice from the early stages of a development, we can help our clients inform the design stages, eliminate, minimise or further mitigate current impacts, maximise our clients’ benefits from our work and allow developments to proceed by ensuring projects are compliant with the requirements of Local Authorities.

We can provide a comprehensive range of services and advice from surveys of existing schemes, to design and implementation.

Our Lighting services include:

  • Lighting impact assessments;
  • Baseline lighting surveys;
  • Lighting design and mitigation strategies;
  • Discharge of planning conditions;
  • Lighting elements of Environmental Impact Assessments.
If you would like more information about our Air Quality Assessment services please contact us to discuss your requirements

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