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It is likely that applications for new developments of a commercial or industrial nature will require a noise impact assessment against British Standard 4142:2014 Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound. This standard describes methods for rating and assessing sound of an industrial and/or commercial nature and covers:

  • Industrial and manufacturing processes;
  • Fixed installations (e.g. mechanical and electrical plant and equipment);
  • Loading and unloading of goods and materials at industrial and/or commercial premises; and
  • Sound from mobile plant and vehicles that form an intrinsic part of the overall sound emanating from premises or processes (e.g. forklift trucks).

Dragonfly Consulting has a wealth of experience in the completion of assessments for commercial and industrial developments of all shapes and sizes, ranging from extension of opening hours for a small food outlet to the assessment of noise impact from entire retail park developments upon the nearest noise-sensitive receptors. Where required, we can provide acoustic design advice for mitigation strategies.

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