Air Quality Assessment

In order to offer our clients Air Quality Assessments and associated Consultancy Services; Dragonfly Consulting have formed a partnership with Kairus Ltd.

Headed by Joanna Kirk, the team at Kairus Ltd has extensive experience in providing monitoring, modelling and impact assessment services across a wide range of projects within the Air Quality sector. Including extensive experience with the provision of air quality elements for Environmental Impact Assessments as well as stand-alone air quality projects.

Working in partnership with Kairus Ltd allows us to offer an expanded multidisciplinary approach to our client’s projects, which will now include a comprehensive range of services and advice from air quality baseline surveys, to the design and implementation of monitoring programmes, including the assessment of odour and fugitive emissions and recommendations on specific management plans as well as the recommendation of mitigation measures and computer modelling of specific pollutants.

By providing advice from the early stages of a development, we can help our clients inform the design stages, eliminate, minimise or further mitigate current impacts, maximise our clients’ benefits from our work and allow developments to proceed by ensuring projects are compliant with the requirements of Local Authorities.

The range Air Quality related services that we provide include:

  • Baseline air quality assessments;
  • Air quality impact assessments;
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling;
  • Nuisance risk assessments for odour, dust and bioaerosols;
  • Ecosystem and Habitat Regulation Assessments (HRA);
  • Mitigation plans;
  • Ambient air quality monitoring;
  • Low emission strategies;
  • Radon monitoring and risk assessments;
  • Indoor workplace and domestic air quality testing.
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